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So at the last minute I accepted an invite to go to my sil's house on Sunday to celebrate father's Day. And it was fun. And I loved it. And it made me realize how good it is not to sever ties with some really close people just because there is this thing called a divorce.

I got out of work at 3pm and went home to make dinner for my dad and for Carlos as he was spending the day with the kids. His sister called me to ask me if I was going later on to my other sil's house and I said I wasn't sure since I was with dad and he wouldn't want to go anywhere (lately he has been damn difficult to deal with, more on that on a separate post. I'll only mention there's a 35yo woman and his ss check involved and whet your appetite for gossip...). When Carlos was saying goodbye to the kids I decided what the heck, I deserved some fun too and anyway, dad was going to bed early so I took a shower and changed in a record 20 mins and left with him and Alex. I'm glad I did. Everybody was good and drunk and let me tell you, these people are fun when they get plastered. Carlos'parents left at about 10pm and so the rest of us and our kids had a great time, with Carlos trying to stop Alex from drinking Smirnoff Ice and me telling him that she was a couple months shy of 18 so to cut her some slack lol. It was sweet to watch almost all our kids hanging out there and remembering when they were little and us girls would go out to the park or the beach with all of them, how the guys would hit on us until they realized all those kids belonged to us :D

Right after Carlos and I separated, I avoided family gatherings because everyone would start in on us about forgetting that nonsense about breaking up and to get back together. I know they all meant well and to be honest, it was mostly because we were thought to be the steadiest couple and nobody could understand or accept what happened. After all, it took some time for us to accept it too. Now, they still tease us about all the time we spent together but they have accepted our decision and the kind of friendly separate parenthood relationship we have (whew!). We know that they're all still hoping for a miracle but at least they don't give us hell for it.

So now family gatherings with them are fun for me again, I feel loved and yes, I love them all too. I know my daughter had a blast when the girls and me started reminiscing about our terrible years as very young women hehehehe. She commented she had enough blackmailing material to set her up for life LOL

All in all, it is good to still call them family :)
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