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Ok, so it's January 2nd already, couldn't post before midnight hehehehe... :D

Hope you all had a good time celebrating either in parties or quetly at home. I had to come to work (boo hiss) but at least I managed to get a room so I could bring my kids with me. Then at least it wasn't so bad since I got to receive the new year with them :). The crew from the restaurant went to the beach to celebrate and then came back to hug me and bring a bit of the party to me, I love them so. I got to drink veeery good champagne,the restaurant we have is an upscale one and the cheapest bottle costs $95, the restaurant manager opened a $140 one to serve three flutes for him, a waitress and me and then left me the rest of the bottle (weeeeeee)after our toast. He ordered me to drink it all and I very readily obeyed during half my shift lol. By the time guests began to come back from their respective parties I was a slightly tipsy night auditor :D.

I went up to the terrace with the kids to light fireworks and we all had a laugh, then they went to the beach with the guys for a while until they couldn't stay up anymore and went to sleep. I have no clue how I managed to finish up all the work I had to do but I did. Then when the kids woke up at 8am I said my goodbyes to the morning shift, took them to Dennis for breakfast and then went home to sleep finally.

Sure wish I hadn't have to go to work and miss a nice party I was invited to, but all in all wasn't so bad :)

I wish everyone a very amazing 2008 full of evrything good.

Brightest Blessings
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