Feb. 27th, 2008

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You post in the comments, and I give you a letter of the alphabet, and in your LJ you list 10 things you like that start with that letter. And thus the meme is propogated and stuff.

[livejournal.com profile] twyleth_teg gave me P (hmmm... somehow that sounds.... nevermind... :D ), so here goes:

1. pointy shoes - love them, just love them
2. pasta - it's my favorite comfort food, not to mention I was a pasta cook for over 6 years
3. Pixie sticks - SUGAR RUSH!!!!!!!!
4. Priscilla - my favorite niece, she's my other favorite girl (first one being my daughter)
5. Phantasm movies - still love them after all these years...
6. Puerto Rico - hey, I may want to try someplace else but I still love this island ;)
7. pentacles - they're just beautiful, so beautiful I had to have one tattooed :)
8. pagan, being - has brought me so much peace that not even the hordes of "well intentioned" christians have been able to take it away from me *grins*
9. Pink Floyd - one of the few bands from my childhood that doesn't make me feel old when I listen to it now
10. Pratchett, Terry - no introduction here ;)
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This is my second tattoo, I need to take a pic of the first, the kanji for water. I really hope my new tat artist doesn't retire because he's damn good and funny as hell. Sorry if it's too small, I took it with my cell so I could text it to my sister :P




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